Thursday, October 6, 2011

To challenge myself?

I have tried blogging before. And failed. Yes I know, there is no right way or wrong way to blog. But lets be fair, if you stop blogging I think that counts as a blogging fail. So why this new crack again? I completed some psychometric testing for a new job over the weekend, which included a personality assessment. Quite apart from what I think about the ability to assess personality with an online assessment, it did pose some questions for me. Quite apart from the 130 questions it did literally pose for me... I had a sense as I went through the questions that I came off very clinical, detached and uncreative. And part of this is that I was relating a lot of my answers to my current work experience, in a health/contracting/management role, which requires a level of rules governed behavior and evidence based thinking. And this was reinforced in a very supportive and positive way when the consultant from the recruitment company rang me to go through the result. It's a great trait for the job I've applied for, but it did hit me a little bit. I sew, I quilt, I embroider, I give a great home made gift. I have ideas. I want to design sewing patterns. I want to change my quilting to be more natural. And yet I don't describe myself as creative. And I think part of this is that I'm not contributing. I devour blogs, I love interest, I follow cool people on twitter. But I'm not putting my ideas and thinking out there. So I'm going to. It may not be the prettiest blog, I don't have a spiffy camera, and photos are likely to be taken with my point 'n shoot or my iPad. But I want to see if I can push myself to post once a week with at least one photo, and to try and talk about my creative process. Props to Bridget from bake at 350 who just posted this down to earth and sensible post about her thoughts on starting a blog. I don't decorate cookies and I just like her site, yay for blogging!

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