Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sewing plan for the next quarter

I'm on holiday for the next week and a half, and am planning to do a bit of sewing. I decided to make a plan of what to sew in the next couple of months. I need a mix of summer clothes, and some work clothes, as my current work wardrobe is a bit casual for my new job.

I bought this simple top pattern from a new independent company I found on Etsy called Salme. I made a wearable muslin the other day and really like it so I'll be making at least one more.

I also have this pleated tee from Salme which I plan to make in a green silk

This Cynthia Rowley dress is cut out in Anna Maria Horner voile so hopefully that will be easy to finish off.

Next on my list is a project runway dress 2403, in a brown linen

I'm trying to work up the courage to make this vogue dress even thought the pattern pieces look very complicated

the other independent pattern company I recently discovered is Victory Patterns and I bought the Ava and Chloe, and plan to make the chloe in something suitable for work.

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