Sunday, February 12, 2012

New (to me) Filofax

 I've been enjoying my faux-Filofax, except for it was a bit small at pocket size, both the paper size and the ring size.  So having decided i would go for a personal size, I started online window shopping, and have decided on a personal chameleon in aqua.  But it's pricey, and I wanted to make sure that the personal size was right for me, so I found a red metropolitan on trademe (the nz equivalent of eBay) for $15 and I'm really liking it.

 I'm using debden-colins day per page diary inserts and a collection of Filofax, debden-Collins and kikki-k other inserts.  I'm really liking the kikki-k paper, cotton cream and a nice weight, The medium size kikki-k inserts fit the personal size Filofax. The personal size is working well I think, and I will get the chameleon, it's tied up with my gym rewards system, although if I see one on sale I'll get one and make myself wait!

I've fallen hard for washi tape, and I love how it adds a pop of colour to my pages.  


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