Sunday, November 4, 2012

dividers from scrapbook paper - with birds!

I'd been wanting some new dividers for a while, my old ones were pretty tatty at the edges, and the commercial ones are too dull for my taste.  I have a massive stack of very cool scrapbooking paper, which aren't strong enough on their own, but I had a bit of a play and with some folding have ended up with these dividers, which are strong and cool looking!

Birds on the back of two of them, although sad that the dude on the left has his head folded under....

They are about half a centimetre wider than the diary pages, which was intentional.  It gives just a small edge so you can easily flick to a page, but not so wide that they get dog-eared.  My filofax goes in my bag and is just lumped in there indelicately so this is a real issue!.  

The way the pages are folded you end up with a cute little pocket which is handy for all manner of bits and pieces.  

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