Saturday, January 7, 2012

Calendar tea towels

I love the idea of Spoonflower, even though I have zero graphic design ability.  Their weekly design contests are great and it amazes me how many entries the get, people only have a week to complete their design. 

In November they had their annual tea towel calendar contest, and there were some amazing entries.  I decided that they would make good Christmas gifts, so ordered a bunch.  Spoonflower recommended that they were ordered on the linen-cotton canvas, which I did, and pretty reasonably priced seeing as you only need a fat quarter.  
These are the ones I ordered, plus one more that was speedily hemmed and gifted on the day it arrived.  I got two of the grey one and two of the boxy one.  Hemming was fiddly but easy really.  

This circle tea towel design is the one that won the contest, and has been gifted to my little sister.

I also ordered a swatch book of spoonflower substrates, and now I want to order all kind of fabrics on the cotton silk substrate - beautiful!

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